My name is Ethan. I started roasting coffee in 2014 with the mission to embrace the community and quality surrounding fresh roasted coffee. Coffee is an essential part of life, an essential part of conversation.

Drink Fresh.

All of my coffee is roasted in small batches, giving you the freshest coffee in Logan County, Illinois. Life should be nothing of the ordinary. I believe your coffee shouldn’t be either.

Giving Back.

Every month I will donate 20% of my profits to a different charity within Central Illinois. Fill the hearts of others by filling your mug with coffee.

Current Offerings.

All of my coffee is single origin. Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic region. Sometimes this is a single farm, or a specific collection of beans from a single country.

Tanzania Tarime Town AA
  • Africa
  • Coffee
  • Farm Gate/Direct Trade
Nicaragua Buenos Aires
  • Central America
  • Coffee
  • Farm Gate/Direct Trade
Burundi Burundi Muyinga (Decaf)
  • Africa
  • Coffee
  • Decaf
  • Farm Gate/Direct Trade

Now Available Online


The ALMH Market
Saturdays starting May 13, 2017 at Logan County Fairgrounds

Prairie Years
Downtown Lincoln, IL